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I was thinking it would be nice to have some kind of extended web interface.

Thinking about some stats, maybe graphs etc.

Number of times files are downloaded by who etc.


Is this a possibility to make myself?

I can see the log file, but I think it doesn't have all the info in it other then the IP adresses of who is connecting.


I can see in the web interface the connected devices, where is that coming from?

I'm using the linux version.


I must say I only know some basic programming.

Any guidance on this?

Where should I look of maybe someone has created something like that already?



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Thx, I installed vnstat, but it would be nicer to have everything together.

Will look in to the API.


I read something about a php wrapper, would that be an option to use?

My knowledge only go's so far, so I will have to try

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The API is rather simple and is a set of URL requests which are sent to over HTTP to a tiny web-server ran by BTSync binary. There are some wrappers were published on the forum by community, while it is possible to use it even without any wrapper.

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