Bittorrent Sync Closes On Lumia 520


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I recently started to not be able to use BTSync because it closes when it is about to start syncing. It used to work fine. I'm using it on a Nokia Lumia 520 with WP 8.

Could it be that uses all RAM or something similar? I think it could be that because now it has to sync some new video files that weren't there before.

Any idea?



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We are receiving crash reports from WindowsPhone OS and will analyze it. Meanwhile, I'd like to try reproducing it in the lab. What kind of files did you try to sync? Which size? Was it selective sync or automatic?

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I'm syncing the camera album. There are 100 files right now, 5 of which are videos. I can reach to the backup status screen before it crashes and it is in the process of indexing. It shows around 100MB in 70 files (indexing) sometimes more sometimes less. I'm a bit tight on internal memory space (~350MB free) Maybe it has something to do with the crash.

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