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It would be really really flexible if after BTSync figures out that it has completed syncing a FOLDER let's say, that for that FOLDER you can specify a command to run after the sync completes.


A wonderful use would be to maybe run a script that does a GIT ADD/COMMIT/PUSH on the FOLDER after syncing is done. It creates a world of opportunity to handle all sorts of network and peer arrangements that you may not have thought of.


And since there is a PostSync, I guess if BTSync scans and figures out that a FOLDER is out of sync, you could have a PreSync action trigger as well. I can't think of what I'd do with that, but that's not the point. Creating useful tools is the point.


So with the PostSync action calling a Git script, I could log changes with concrete commits that maybe get pushed out somewhere. Sure there is a chance someone copies files and then adds some more changes after BTSync started syncing, but that's OK.. on the other end it would result in 2 (or more) Git commits right after another.


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I did not realize that. Looking into this. I still feel that having a PostSync command would be much easier to use and very powerful. Someone could kick off a script to send an email for example, if someone wanted to be alerted of something, or whatever.. maybe do a disk size check after and then alert, or even do some customized cleaning up of the archive folder.  Things that a sys admin could do without breaking into an API development.

I don't understand why is there a request for a key?

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Bittorrent Sync is a really great Software, we use it over Internet with a few PCs.


So is it possible to Develop a feature, that after the Sync finish starting a other Job? 


for Example: after Finishing the Sync Job starting a run Job (sh or bat file )


Thanks and Regards




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