Relay-Network For Obfuscation

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let's say every node has a relay feature by default (some low amount of upload capacity). Assuming 90% are switching it off. Then there should be still serveral thousand nodes out there to forward data (without opening the data blocks) in an acceptable speed. So if there is no direct way between the private nodes to sync each other it might be done via some relay nodes. This can make the whole thing more robust against blocking and censoring mechanisms.




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Yes, but that uses only the central BTSync relay server(s) which are easy to block.


The problem with ortreums idea is that you need one node that is known to the client in order to find any relay nodes at all. If that one node is not a central server, you'll have to configure it by hand or scan the network at random or use some kind of multicast, all of which methods have their specific drawbacks.

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