Integrate Bt Sync As A Cloud In Ms-Office


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But BitTorrent Sync isn't a cloud storage service!


The process for saving a file from Office to a folder on your hard disk would the same process for saving a file from Office to a Sync folder on your hard disk! - there's no difference! - files are stored on your devices, not in some arbitrary 3rd party "cloud"!

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Well... Sync as a product is a different (and in many ways better) solution to the same problem as different clouds provide a solution for. therefore I think it's a legitimate request. 

I checked the batch file @MrBiker linked and it looks like that the script uses an environmental variable (%dropboxdir%,%gdrivedir%) as a link to the user's folder. I don't know if Bittorrent Sync uses environmental variables at all. It it does Sync could be easily added.


@GreatMarko there is really no difference.

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It seems to me that all cloud services act like local folders.


So why does Microsoft have a separate area in MS-Office Backstage for cloud services? I would like it 'cuz it would be cleaner and look cool.


I read the instructions for setting this up. It doesn't look that difficult to me but I'm not good enought to competently modify the registry.


Here's the instructions (this is an MS page that has a link to download a Word Doc that expalains how to do it):


Although you may think this is a non-issue, over 90 people have viewed this topic. IMHO that's pretty good interest.





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