New Bittorrent Sync's Ui On Windows Becomes A Miniature On High-Res


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I just upgraded bittorrent sync on several machines and I think I like the new GUI of it.

Just now I upgraded it as well on my Multimedia PC which is connected to a UHD TV.

It's running a high resolution (3840 x 2160) and it turns out it doesn't scale well.


In fact it's unusable as everything is so tiny (it is viewed from a distance)

Some other programs have some glitches but not in this way where it's impossible to use it.

Can this get fixed?


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Because everything was so small, didn't expect a solution immediately and didn't get out of my bed to take a closer look I didn't try anything really.

I will try it when I get home again in a few days. Thanks for the quick response.

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