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As someone who has *many folders synced, and many *individual folders, I would love to see a "sync group" option.


For example, if I want to sync 8 folders on 3 laptops, I could call this group my "LOCAL CLOUD" - but then if I wanted to sync 4 other folders with outside folks, let's say I could call this group "CLIENT ACCESS" or some such.


This kind of sub-grouping would greatly aid my organisation.




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But surely you can already do this!? i.e. add the 8 folders you want to sync between 3 laptops into a single folder, and then just share that one folder (and so by association, all its 8 sub folders as well), then add your other 4 folders into another single folder and share that as your "client access" group?

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Well yes, if you can just move folders around at will, putting them all under one parent folder and syncing that will work.


If you can't, it won't.


I have the same problem on Android where I would like to sync several folders (some on internal storage, some on sd cards) per device with one central BTSync backup server. At the moment I have to have share each folder separately and with its own secret, which means the folder list on the server gets pretty crowded.


Anyone tried to use symlinks/hardlinks/whatever for that?

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@Marko - no, because the folder structure is integral to my work environment. I can't modify this structure.


If I need to share a bunch of folders that are all spread out over different hard drives, it becomes quite a lot of entries to manage in the GUI. Perhaps a naming system could work? Color coding? Drag-and-drop style groups, etc... I work with a lot of media files, so I can't just throw everything in one folder and share that; I have to respect the structures and nomenclatures already in place.

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