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Windows Read-Only Attribute

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- The read only attribute of a file is not transfered during a sync operation.



- Two computers under Windows (PC1: win7, PC2: win8).

- BS 1.4.103 on both.



- Turn off sync on PC1 (to ensure BS will see a new file with read only set).

- Create a file on PC1, then assign to it the Read only attribute.

- Turn on sync on PC1 and wait for the creation of the file on PC2 : 


The read only attribute is not set.


Related problem:

- If a file is flagged read only on a pc, the update will remove the attribute.



- Create a txt file on PC1 and set its read only attribute.

- Wait for it to appear on PC2 - as seen before, it is not read only - Modify it on PC2.

- Wait for it to be updated on PC1 : the read only attribute is removed from PC1 file.


PS : it is the same behaviour for the hidden attribute.

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It's not an issue - file attributes are not transferred intentionally, this is the app design. The only attribute that is synchronize by Sync is "execute" attr for Linux OS.

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