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  1. If I close/open Resilio or restart the machine, it is the same: A connected folder (non-selective advanced folder) never ticks as synchronised on one side and there is still a percentage which can even be '0' and the circle indicating this. There is no anomaly message, and the sizes can be different on both sides. The filters are identical on both sides. The only solution if found is to re-index the file. Then an anomaly occurs (orange triangle with '!') telling me that a number of files are impossible to download. When I want to check what it is, I find files that have been deleted
  2. Hello I just want to know for sure which essential Roaming files I should backup (*.dat ?) to be able to reinstall my Sync settings on a computer from scratch : I whish you add, not a feature, but just a documentation to clarify and officialize this. Sorry I it allready exists, but I don't think so. Thanks
  3. Hello I try to manage my android phone as a terminal which recieves many sort of files from my everyday utilisation, and that I want on my home computer so that I dispatch them and delete from the phone. It is actually possible, but really difficult, because there are too many folders to sync, and worst, somme folders may be changing without warning from SD card to internal memory. For instance, the pictures : I have two complementary photo apps, this makes 4 possible folders. I want to sync all my downloaded files, and also some written memo and some spoken memo, and also some links
  4. - consider that Selective Sync is disabled, - An experimental explanation: When a new file is arriving in a btsync folder, an Android internal messaging system is supposed to inform Sync that a folder has been updated, so does the Sync run on it. But in certain cases the Android messaging doesn't seem to work. So, btsync ignores that an update occured. For this case, btsync will regularly try to resync each folder, let's say each 15 minutes. So, you just have to forget it and it will be synced. The curiosity is that Resilio don't communicate on this. I can't understand why. Apple co
  5. ------- I have a good new. I found something to help you debug : it seems that when a file arrives in an \Android folder, the sync is immediate. My guess seemed right, it must be a problem in Android messaging... Maybe is it linked to this (that I don't exactly understand while all other apps can write on the SD): " Android 6.0 - On Android 6, some devices support "Adoptable Storage" allowing you to select to use an SD card as internal storage. Note that not all devices support this, even if running Android 6. If your device doesn't support this, or you want to instead use
  6. Elegant reply to my post from Resilio : the allegation dissapeared from the play store, but no explanation is given to the problem.
  7. Hi, thanks for the great job. Android 6.00, Resilio mobile 2.4.9 (639) On my smartphone (LGK10), I generaly can't manage to see new files (any manner : photo, download, copy/paste, etc.) recognised and then synced. It obliges me to quit and restart. In fact, it seems that Resilio will always finish by recognising new files, but in an unpredictable laps of time which seems to go from instantly to, let's say, a quarter or half an hour. It seems to me it is a relatively new problem (new phone?, new sync version?), but I can't be sure. I tried a lot of combinations before posti
  8. Hi This is the first time this problem appears to me in years. Yesterday as I was ordering my folders with no other peer connected, a complete essential folder of mine went to the .sync folder, loosing any dates and merging it with the content precedentely saved there. Fortunately I have some rescue, so is there no bad consequencie to me. In order to repare the trouble, I did shut down Resilio, restored the folder, apply again the changes and many others... Then I secured my job... I did well. This morning, I turned my computer on, Resilio started like allways... and it trashed
  9. When syncing a folder MAC with a Windows one, some special characters are translated from the files/folders name in order to respect the Windows possibilities. This is ok, but there is another treatment that should be done in order to respect Windows naming, it is to remove the terminal dots and spaces of the MAC's name which create some troubleshooting in the Window functionment (total inability to rename or delete such files/folders without an external program).
  10. RomanZ, ok, I'm ready to provide you description and the 2 logs. Confirm, please the methodology I turn on BTS debug mode, shut off BTS, restart it, reproduce behaviour, shut off BTS and then collect the "sync.log" and "sync.log.old" in ..\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync. Right ? On the android, there is no possibility for a log, right ? I wait for your confirmation and your link.
  11. @romanz I already posted this precise question that seemed to dissapear monthes ago, maybe with an upgrade, but it surprisingly came back, recently on an even stronger mode. It looks like it is a recurrent problem in BTS and you asked me the logs I come back today to give you because it is possible now. Considering the fact, from my readings here, that some people seemed to have the same type of problem in version 2, I don' have to search very long to emit my hypothesis, don't you think ? unleast, (I did not read the forum before posting since one or two weeks) this seemingly very complex be
  12. Hi I think I have a long dated synchronisation misfunction, that seems to come and go, and that for the first time I can reproduce in BTSYNC 1.4.111 in relation with the Android application The appropriate place to post this comment is closed, but it seems to me that this behaviour may not be fixed in version 2. Are you interrested in the description and the debug log? In the positive could you tell me where to post them?
  13. I am still experiencing some strange behaviours in 1.4 that did not happen in version 1.3. Hopping the version 2 will one day correct these. For the moment I don't dare trying it. - Some times a shared folder that was previously correctly synced indicates wrongly that thousands of files have to be synced, that one client or more is disponible for that on the client column, but the pop up message appearing while hoovering the status column tells me contradictory that there are no clients to recieve/send datas. When I remove the given share an reenters it to force a reindexation, all seems
  14. Basicly, I whish I could pause separately a part of the sync. I would like to have a boolean on the line menu "Pause/Unpause folder sync". This boolean dont' have to be preserved on the BS starting. Some reasons : - To be sure one folder is synced before another (because I've got to leave with my tablet and I want this precise folder synced on it, not others and other current life cases) - When I work on my databases the sync process blocks big files for some more or less long time and I must wait. Those files are constantly updated by the process of my tools. The problem is that I don't
  15. Problem: - The read only attribute of a file is not transfered during a sync operation. Environment: - Two computers under Windows (PC1: win7, PC2: win8). - BS 1.4.103 on both. Reproduce: - Turn off sync on PC1 (to ensure BS will see a new file with read only set). - Create a file on PC1, then assign to it the Read only attribute. - Turn on sync on PC1 and wait for the creation of the file on PC2 : The read only attribute is not set. Related problem: - If a file is flagged read only on a pc, the update will remove the attribute. Reproduce: - Create a txt file on PC1 and set its read