When Iphone Is Off Syncing Stops. Normal?


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I just installed BT Sync on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and the apps on both my iphone 6 and an iphone 6 plus.  I wanted to have it backup my camera roll on both phones.


Everything linked up ok and seems to work although extremely slow (< 1Mbps on a Wifi AC network with the phones within 5 feet of the high speed router.  Normal speedtests on these phones and even right now is over 130mbps on my wifi).  


So in addition to the speed issue I see on both phones the moment I shut them off (not powered down just the click of the power button to turn screen off) the syncing stops.  The peers drop on the desktop for both.  The app is open on both phones and is the current active app when I turn the phone off too.  Just curious if this is normal.


Using the latest version of both desktop and mobile app (just downloaded within the hour).  These were all first time installs on all devices.

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The speedtests usually do not involve the process of recording data to storage - which is usually a bottleneck for the mobile devices. As for background sync - it is not supported at the moment. Currently the app has to stay displayed to actually transfer data.

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