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User story:

"As a user I need to have access to the keys to be able to set up peer2peer syncing without the availability of the internet"



When you are using BTsync in private networks the machines do not necessarily have to have internet access. In this case there is no easy way to get to the keys that you then can type in on the other client like in ver 1.4. I reccomend to implement the "update keys" view as in 1.4.

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You can always get to a key of a share if you turn on "Show "Copy Key"" in Options -> Preferences.


BUT I have to say that I +1 the request of bringing back "update keys" to shares. especially useful if you have encrypted nodes and you have to change the rw keys on normal rw shares to have them communicate to encrypted nodes on that same share.

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I am confused how the new 2.0 shares keys when the systems are in an environment without internet connection. I use to use the RO/RW keys in 1.4, and I can't seem to find this in 2.0. In an environment without internet connectivity, how are we supose to give access, are we supose to use the link as the key?

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I use to use the RO/RW keys in 1.4, and I can't seem to find this in 2.0. 


As a matter of fact, this also affects ver 1.4.110 on I noticed that you can not use a "read only key" anymore to update one of your keys. You can only update a key with a "read write key". I also do not understand how this makes sense other than => push users to buy the full 2.0 product in wich - I guess - this would work (but I have not tested it yet).

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