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While playing/testing with btsync (2.x, but the same applies to 1.x) I often feel frustrated that I cannot get insight in what is happening. For example: I had a folder that I shared (A-key) to another system (B-key). The folder contained a few 100s files, but the GUI insisted that there were only 85 files in the folder. And BTsync did only share those 85 files to the other device. It would be very helpful if I could get BTsync's view in the files n that folder. The API get_files call returns all files in the folder, even the ones excluded via SyncIgnore. BTW it would be a great help for checking the correct working of SyncIgnore.

I often have a share that must be synched to a peer and I want to know what files need to be synched. And please, supply a full pathname! Having a list of 100 "metadata.opf" files is not helping.

And so on. The log file provides some additional information but I'm convinced many problems can be solved faster if there would be more diagnostic information retrievable. It would make testing and debugging new versions of sync a little bit more fun instead of painful.

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@GreatMarko It is much more than having thousands of lines of cryptic debug information. For example, can you tell me how the debug log can give me the list of synched (or to be synched) files in a given folder?

What files need to be sent to each of the peers?

And, equally important: how to turn on selective debugging (e.g. for one single folder, or for one peer)?

I think @RomanZ got the idea.

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