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Hi all


Have had a search around but not sure if this feature is just not present or I am missing it completely.


The setup i have is a server that hosts all my files and backups with 2 PC's and 4 mobile devices linked to it. I am sharing various folders on the server and wanted to know if I am able to limit access/visibility on a per device basis. For example I would like one PC to have access to a photos folder that I am sharing but limit or better still completely hide my phone camera backup folder from it.


Is this possible?


Many thanks



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Create a second identity and manually add the folders with the share key. Problem solved. You don't have to make everything complicated.

It also does not make sense to hide folders on the same identity, that's against the purpose of the Pro license. It also does not work, because who defines which folders are visible or not, thus you need some kind of master installation which handles the "rights", which is against a p2p concept.

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