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  1. Same here. I'd also like to know how to hide folders (of my Sync Pro identity) on certain devices.
  2. So did I and received no reply. So, yes, Resilio Sync is dead. Or heavily restructuring
  3. Thank you JD. That calms me down a bit. Also thanks for your comparison between the two synchronization solutions. Using Syncthing at the moment only because it is portable and can be "installed" and run without admin rights (i.e. at work).
  4. Oh shit. Already trying out the (amazing) Synctrayzor in parallel, and after reading the above thinking about moving over there with all my stuff
  5. Also, the forum editor is broken. I can only edit the second to last but not the last post; simple quotes go awry all the time, uploaded images can only be moved into the post after posting and then editing it (which doesn't work either... ) EDIT: still can only edit some posts including this, but not the broken one with the screenshot above. Argggghhh
  6. The list of confusing/contradictory and incomplete information goes on. From here: How come that in Sync, under "Preferences -> License" there is no (or incorrect) mention of the actual license that I own? I have a Sync Pro License, but it says "Personal License" there, whatever that may be. And here: There is no "My devices" tab, there is no "Identity details" menu. And the fingerprint can not be viewed. I must say that the information you guys are presenting in the application and/vs. in the knowledgebase is awfully confusing and/or outdated and/or incorrect all over the place.
  7. Again, thank you for checking the wording of Sync's terminology and program messages for more clarity and conciseness. From the above message's wording, I fear that the folder will be removed from ALL devices, since, after all, the device where this message is currently shown is a "linked device" as well, depending on the viewpoint. See for example here: From this, I conclude that "removing a folder from all linked devices" means removing it from all devices, because according to the above, all devices are linked (e.g. to the identity). So in case the above message actually should mean that the folder will be removed from "all devices but this device", please change the wording such that this is made clear. Thank you
  8. Hi, is this still possible? Particularly, can I run Sync in a kind of portable mode on a Windows PC where I don't have admin rights for software installation? Thanks!
  9. Hello Sync Support, being a Sync User for a few years now, this issue keeps confusing me very much: Please comment on possibilities to consolidate this variety of terms which all seem to describe the same thing. Best regards David.P
  10. Thanks -- it seems the respective help site has moved here: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205458165-Ignoring-files-in-Sync-Ignore-List- In order to understand the concept, what would be the correct syntax if my synced folder is my hard drive E:\ and the folder I don't want synced is E:\FileHistory ? Is it correct if I add the line E:\FileHistory ....to the file "IgnoreList" in the "sync" folder? And do I have to add that line to the file "IgnoreList" on every synced machine, or is it sufficient to add the line on (any) one machine only?
  11. OK this seems to be resolved. The files in question contained a strange unicode character in the file name that was invisible to file explorers, and would only appear when the file name was copied to a text editor.
  12. Hi forum and support team, of my hundreds of thousands of synced files across like 5 machines, there are two image files that have been turning up for months in the Sync "History" list exactly every 10 minutes under "Activity" with the event "Updated file". These files have not been touched for years on any machine. They have similar but not identical contents and filenames, and one of them is a PNG and the other a JPEG file. What could be the reason for this behavior, and how could it be resolved?
  13. Hi forum, Can I delete a .sync folder in a synced directory, or will this break Sync somehow?
  14. Yeah true -- so has the "Devices" tab been officially removed and replaced by "Settings -> Identity"?
  15. Just an hour ago, in version 2.5.13, I still had Sync's "Devices" tab, where all my devices were beautifully shown with name and status. Now, after updating Sync to v.6, there is no "Devices" tab anymore. Is this a bug or a feature?