Hide Peer List For Read-Only Shares

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Hi there


We are using BitTorrentSync (paid version) at our company to share synchronisation files with our clients. The client machines have only the free version of BitTorrentSync, as they don't need more than the maximum of 10 folders.


My question: is it possible to hide the peer list on a client which shares a read-only folder with the server? Our setup is such that each client has their own shared folder, but then we also have a global folder which is shared with all clients. We obviously don't want clients to be able to see information of other clients' computers in the peer list. How do I hide this?


thanks in advance!


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There is no mechanism to hide peers list directly, although there are some tricks you can do to avoid other peers to see anyone except server.


Option 1. Get rid of UI and run sync in config mode. Not very convenient for end user, although it will be easier to deploy Sync and users won't see any other peers.


Option 2. Disable tracker / relay / LAN search / DHT on clients. Preconfigure your server's IP / DNS name on your cleint's computers in folder preferences. Reset Sync's cache of contacted computers. In this case your clients will only be able to see central server - though, they will also lose a great advantage of helping each other to send / receive data.

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