Using Secondary Drive (Data Disk) - File Synced As "read Only" (Down-Stream Only)

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I have two disks, the primary (SSD) for the OS (win 7 64), and the secondary (2TB seagate) for data. It turns out that files on the remote computer get synced correctly, they are mirrored within few seconds on the 2TB, however - when I add / change files on my 2TB they don't sync to the remote computer. It is behaving like "Read Only" folder... (running Sync 2.2.7 with Owner permissions).
Any solution?

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First of all check peer list and see if these files, that you add to 2TB, are detected by Sync - if they are shown as to be uploaded to remote peer.

If not - they Sync didn't detect them. Restart Sync and check files permissions, make sure that Sync has access to them.

If yes, but syncing doesn't start, please try these tips to troubleshoot . If they do not help, please send the debug logs to support. Don't forget to mention this forum topic. 

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