Vm Files Make Large Disk Load For Indexing

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I set a sync VMWare virtual machines between my home and office computers (Win10). Syncing VM is very useful for me.
The VM contain .vmx and .vmdk. And vmdk file is larger than 20GB.


When I launch the VM. BTSync lock their files and start indexing. Then My SSD Disk encounter full load.


Please refer the images,


This makes slow other works on same computer.


Even I "Pause syncing", BTSync process indexing the paused files.


So I cannot help exiting BTSync service somtimes I feel PC is very slow.



On BTSync option, checked "Disk operations are low priority".


I thought It can be a solution that disable indexing for locked files.



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It's not Sync that locks the files, on the contrary - these files are locked from Sync, become unavailable for it. But Sync keeps trying to index/sync them. Pausing applies to file transfers, not indexing, thus you get disk load. 

can you please send the debug log and take the process dump ( In Process Explorer, when Sync east memory, right-click on it -> Dump). Submit it with logs. Thank you. 

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Thank you for the logs, but there is nothing critical.  Yes, there are a lot of I/O operations, which can be accounted for by VM actually working and changing when syncing. So Sync has to notice and try to sync these changes.

But VM creates a lock file, which is not available for Sync (thus you see "N locked files" in Sync UI). Try adding these .lck to IgnoreList, see if it will help. 

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