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Recently, I encountered this problems twice.  

First on a Debian server, I initially cannot access WebUI. After pkill and restart btsync, accessing WebUI prompt dialogue of creating identity, and obviously all sync settings were gone. I had to switch to configuration file instead of WebUI on this Debian server just in case of losing folder keys.

Today, I received the notice of upgrading to 2.3.3 on a Mac. After upgrading, only one item was left in sync list. It's lucky that I can add all folders back using the keys in configuration file on my Debian server.

But I think developers should take a look at the stability of sync list. At least,  some functions like backup/restore sync list should be considered.


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I have a similar issue, also on Debian. After a machine reboot, btsync wouldn't start so I had to reinstall it. A machine I don't have root access to so installed to my home folder. Afterwards, the sync list is empty and when logging in, a new ~/.sync/.SyncUser* is created right beside the old one. I'm not sure why it doesn't find the old profile.

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