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  1. Yes, I have "storage_path" in configuration file.
  2. I am running Resilio Sync on a Linux box in configuration mode. Is it possible to let Sync reload configuration file without pkill or reboot? pkill and restart will create a new peer with the same name in Peers list. Reboot takes longer time. Thanks
  3. Question, is " folder_rescan_interval" option available for configuration file mode on Linux?
  4. Could you setup a dynamic hostname on one of these computers and set up predefined hosts on other computers?
  5. In addition, this problem only happened on only one machine, another guest has the same share does not show duplicated peers.
  6. @RomanZ But how this could come up with? Somebody forged by my Identity/Fingerprint? or the key of my folders are leaked? or because I switch network between home and workplace too often? As soon as I connect to my school network, these two "This Machine" with same identity become grey. The rest two known guests are still working since they are configured with pre-defined host.
  7. I found a problem. In the peer list dialogue, local machine is listed together with guests, and multiplied. Windows 10 Pro, Resilio Sync 2.3.8
  8. I am running Bittorrent Sync on a Debian server in configuration file mode instead of WebUI. I noticed that, every time of restarting btsync would create a new identity of this machine, which creates duplicated entries in peer list on other machines. Is there a way to fix this problem?
  9. Recently, I encountered this problems twice. First on a Debian server, I initially cannot access WebUI. After pkill and restart btsync, accessing WebUI prompt dialogue of creating identity, and obviously all sync settings were gone. I had to switch to configuration file instead of WebUI on this Debian server just in case of losing folder keys. Today, I received the notice of upgrading to 2.3.3 on a Mac. After upgrading, only one item was left in sync list. It's lucky that I can add all folders back using the keys in configuration file on my Debian server. But I think developer