core dump failure in raspberry pi

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I'm a nooby here, joined to keep an eye on this thread as I have an old RPi 1.  In the end I follow the instructions here which mostly work:


There are a couple of typos in his config file, I can't remember exactly what but there is a missing "," and an incorrect path I think.  The config contains quite a lot of options, including setting a storage path.


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@sklus You are running Sync manually not via package. It is totally okay, though will require a bit more efforts when upgrading: you'll need to upgrade your binary manually (well, pretty much just replace it). Also, running Sync from root isn't good idea too: by default, all files arriving to Sync will be created with root as owner and with root's umask.

Ideally, run sync under your user or create a special one with next params:

./rslsync --config <your_config_file>

Here is the guide to config. In config you likely want to specify storage folder, your port and NIC for webui and the listening port for Sync to transfer data.


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@Alex J thanks for your comment - I'll check out the site you quoted.

@RomanZ thanks for the additional info. Unfortunately, I cannot access the config guide in the help center. It says I am not authorized to access that page.


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