Using the API to provide a cloud service

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our team want to explore the possibilities of providing a public cloud service based on Sync/Encrypted Folders. (Like discussed in threads before from others).

My question on this:

Whats your policy on this?

-If we license the API per Server (as seen from our view) we only license 2 or 3 servers (depending on load) but we will have more clients than servers. Is this compatible with your license agreement?

-Whats your policy on using the brand name as reference which software we are targeting with our service (while, of course, clarify we are _not_ associated with Resilio)? 


Thank you!

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I think this kind of questions need to be discussed with management and sales, not asked of community forum. OEM program seems to be what you're looking for. 
You can apply for it here. Thanks!  

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