Why does Resilio ramp up to speed then fall off?


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Here's what I see looking at speedgraphs while I'm syncing a large file across the internet via Resilio.  The speed slowly reaches a peak of 20mbps, then it drops off and slowly ramps up again.

Is there anyway to stop this and get steady sustained download speeds?  Also, Resilio never saturates my connection.  If setup an FTP session from the same two systems I can saturate my 70mbps connection.  However, if using resilio between the exact same systems, it never exceeds around ~20mbps.


Attached is my speedgraph showing the effect happening.


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try disabling UDP in Sync:

stop it, go to storage, open debug.txt file, put 2 into second line (instead of zero), start Sync. 
Do that on both peers. 

If that does not help, contact support, give more details about your environment and network and submit the debug logs from both peers. Here's full instruction.  

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