[PRO] bug: lost file after 'Remove from this device'


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- share a directory from other device in selective sync on Windows

- add a big file (in my case it was 500mb)

- wait a moment, click 'Remove from this device'

- file is removed even though it did not finish to sync to other devices

- an empty file is created in place with .rsls extensions

- after click 'Sync to this device' on it, it either downloads it as an empty file or a message box appears that the device having that file is offline

- file is lost...


So basically if you do not notice a file has not been completely uploaded yet and you will remove the file from this device it gets lost...



- a warning appears or the option to 'Remove from this device' is not available until the syncing of that file is finished

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This is not a bug the way you are describing it.

If you add a file called "500mb.file" to a selective sync share on client A, you have sync open and running, it starts syncing this file to another node.

In the middle of syncing, not being fully transferred to the other client B, you delete the file from client A.

Since client B never got the file fully there is no way client A can get the full file.

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Yeah I get that, but I think there should be a difference between choosing system's Delete function and 'Remove from this device'.

If I'd like to delete the file I would use system delete. By pressing 'Remove from this device' I am expecting that it is delete operation that is sync situation aware. So I actually assumed and had no doubt of that it would not make my file lost - so IMHO a at least a warning should appear saying that you will lose this file because it hasn't been synced yet anywhere because otherwise in this case 'Remove from this device' equals 'Remove  from all devices'...


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This definitely should be fixed. I can't recommend the usage of Resilio Sync to others as I need to explain that you can't remove files from this device before it's synced to other peers. 

And there is no way of knowing when the files even have been synced, so it's really hit and miss.

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