[Docker] Ownership of volume is root - How to change to User:group ?

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I am using the Official Docker container and have multiple mounted_folders setup, for the sake of debugging i will limit that to one.

The container is launched via docker-compose, the volume is mounted at launch /start and i can access it with the UI and write data in there (read sync a folder), but all files have root:root ownership.

Any idea how to get the ownership of the file within this folder to be the same as the parent mounted folder ?



According to Docker discussions, the volume will have ownership of the user in the container (which seems to be root here), could this be rlsync instead ?

There is a way according to the doc to have this setup with the USER directive in the dockerfile :




version: "2"
    image: resilio/sync:latest
      - "8888:8888"
      - "55555"
      - "./syncdata:/mnt/sync"
      - "./config:/mnt/sync/config"
      - "/mnt/myfolder2:/mnt/mounted_folders/myfolder2"
    restart: always




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