New business license costs 60x more ?!?!

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I am an IT consultant and I use Resilio in my personal devices with a "one-time cost" license bought some time ago. I also used the free "BTSync" to setup some backup solutions to some clients. In other words: I like your product very much, and used to spread the word in favor of Resilio's products.

In one of these clents I bought "Sync Pro" license since 2015, wich used to cost USD 39.99/year.

This week I read that new version 2.5.6 claims to have fixed the bug reported in:

I also read that Resilio's licensing model has changed, and to run the new "Sync Business" on Windows Server, my client should pay USD 199/month.

Well... it is just 60x more (6.000% increased price)
I suppose the 1st thing my client will say if I show him this scenario is: "Are there alternatives?"

So, before I start to test Syncthing as a replacement, I want to be sure that I am undestanding this licensing model correctly.

Once the main purpose of Resilio in this client is backup data (a few thousand files on windows server to a cloud server), and no user management is needed, can I buy the "Sync Home" or "Sync Home Pro" license to use in this (not so big) company?

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On 20/07/2017 at 1:15 PM, ellw said:

The following enterprise plans include server operating systems like the Windows Server family and all Linux x64 and x86 arch.


Thank you for your quick response, ellw!


You information is the same I read in Resilio's site.


But I also read that all business plans include 5 users. In this company I work for there is no user needed, just backup purposes. So, technically, the "Sync Home" and "Sync Home Pro" will resolve with much lower price.


Well... lower price compared to Resilio Business, but still higher them the licence we ware using with the buggy 2.4 version.


But I am not here just to start a discussion. The primary objective is to solve my client's problem. Maybe I should open a support ticket to get a response from Resilio crew.


[  ]s  Dario

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Yes he did. Here's the support's reply:


 Indeed pricing model changed quite a time ago, and now business licenses are charged monthly.
Can you please tell us where exactly you see price 199USD/mo for Sync business with server support? 
Pricing for this license is here, and it costs  49USD/mo for 5 users. Perhaps, you'r looking at Business Accelerator license? That indeed costs $199 / month cause it has feature "WAN Optimization" .

>can I buy the "Sync Home" or "Sync Home Pro" license to use in this (not so big) company?
Sync Home Free and Sync Home Pro are for personal non-commercial use. If this usage covers your case, you can get Sync Home. If not, if you're going to use Sync for work, You'll need Sync Business license.

If you had bought Sync license before it was changed to monthly subscription, you can keep using that.

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