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i use the encrypted folders for my archive on a vm (cloudhoster) and will create a litte app (c#) to decrypt a file or folder manually. The secrets keys are available for me and the app is only a fallback solution, if i need the files very quick and will not depend on a sync installation (download from cloud to client over sync). 

The plan is, that i can decrypt the files/folder on the vm to get a very quick access. 

I read this blogpost

"When an Encrypted peer talks with a clear-text (RO and RW) peer, they establish an encrypted AES-128 channel using a Session Key, but the clear-text peer additionally encrypts data with an AES-128 Storage Key before transmission."

Question: What Is this Storage Key and how can i get it? I have access to alle secrets/keys for the folder.

Thanks for Hints/Help.


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@DevKnight The storage key is a part of read-only key. Though note, that we plan to implement a decryption tool in close future.

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