IOS Camera Backup Lost Devices after upgrade

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After upgrading to IOS 11 and upgrading to the latest Resilio Sync, all of my camera backup devices are gone.  Or the link to them is anyways.  So in order to save my photos it seems i have to recopy all of the images to a new directory, to reestablish sync ?  This would take a very long time, and then i would have two copies of photos to deal with. 

How can i reconnect the current sync directory to a new instance of camera backup ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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remove backup share from sync on desktop

create backup share in Sync on iOS, send the link to it to the desktop 

paste the link to "manual connection" and select the folder with previously synced files. 

is share preferences in Sync on desktop enable "Overwrite any changed files" option

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