Any way to seed an encrypted read only folder?

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Skip down to the bottom if you don't want this background information...  What I am wanting to do is use resilio to act as my offsite backup storage.  I have people who will store my backups on their machines, and I will store their backups on my machine.  I have used Crashplan for years, which has this feature, but Crashplan is shutting down.

Since my data will be on someone else's machine, I need to use the encrypted folder option.  And, since I don't want my friends/family to accidentally delete the backup file and therefore delete all the files at the next sync, I need to give everyone a Read Only key.  However, since we are talking about lots of data on the initial sync, I am wanting to seed the backup first.

Is it possible to pre-seed the data on an offsite encrypted read only folder?  If I just take the data to the remote machine and transfer it manually, it won't have gone through the encryption process, so I'm worried this won't be possible.


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You're right. Pre-seeding encrypted folder does not make sense, remote 'encrypted' peer will just ignore pre-seeded files in folder and the data will still be synced and go through encryption. 

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