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On most sites which have a discussion board you can subscribe to a topic such that it gives you multiple options to have the discussion board email you instantly with an update, email you daily with updates to all subscribed content, email you weekly, etc.


I have looked everywhere how to turn such feature on but I cannot find it. While I would like to keep up with updates to seleced posts, I just don't have the time to come out each day and scroll around to find topics and read updates.

I see if you create a topic you can turn on replies so the request is to do the same for topics you don't author. Is this something the staff can turn on? The default will obviously me for all is no replies and then the user can alternative turn on the reply by topic.


Thanks for making the change.

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For me, I have a button in the upper right corner that says "Follow".  If you don't, you might have script or ad blockers blocking it for you.


Note, I've never used the Follow button, I'm just pointing it out as its there and likely what you wanted.

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