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  1. Thanks for your reply. That is what I am afraid of. I would like to see this added as a feature request as my external connected devices to me is just like a peer that I attempt to turn on once a day. I want to avoid all of the hassles of remembering after I turn it off that I have to go to another software open, click synch, etc. Resillo would work as it does with other peers where it monitors when a peer comes online and it performs auto synch without me having to do anything. I use freefilesync today but it does not monitor when the device comes online. I will have to check out the other one to see if it works like Resillo. If it can monitor then possibly it is yet another software to install taking over memory and other resources.
  2. I have looked through the forum and I could not find my exact scenario. I am in the process of getting a NAS within the next 6 months but in the interim I need Resillo to synch files from a desktop connected hard drive to another connected hard drive - essentially snych what is on drive D to drive Q in a specific folder. I thought it would be an easy setup but when I started to set it up I came to a complete blank as I don't know to setup the other end which is essentially on the same desktop PC - just a different drive\folder. I got confused and now I am thinking Resillo cannot do this. Did I go completely blank in how to set this up on Resillo? Sorry, if I did but I am at a loss in how to achieve. I want to use Resillo as it can montior my external connected hard drive as a peer and when I turn it on it detects the peer connected it synchs the data.
  3. I am on a S7 Edge and I have the same problem. After a couple of days you open the app and if you try to use "exit" it just spins for 1-2 minutes. I just end up rebooting the phone.
  4. I too have the same problem and I have to stop and start the sync within the application. Sometimes it takes forever for it to stop the sync and I have to just reboot the phone. Annoying for sure. It seems to happen when it has sit idle for a long time and there is nothing to prompt it to sync.
  5. On most sites which have a discussion board you can subscribe to a topic such that it gives you multiple options to have the discussion board email you instantly with an update, email you daily with updates to all subscribed content, email you weekly, etc. I have looked everywhere how to turn such feature on but I cannot find it. While I would like to keep up with updates to seleced posts, I just don't have the time to come out each day and scroll around to find topics and read updates. I see if you create a topic you can turn on replies so the request is to do the same for topics you don't author. Is this something the staff can turn on? The default will obviously me for all is no replies and then the user can alternative turn on the reply by topic. Thanks for making the change.
  6. I like many struggle with this tool delaying Sync. I have Sync setup on my android phone to sync a folder of pictures with my desktop version of Sync. It sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to see the pictures on my desktop, unlike Drop Sync which was instantaneous. I have waited 45-50 minutes or more and they do not appear. Generally, I have waited 10-15 minutes and they would normally show up but not now. I will try rebooting my PC to see if it will do a behind the scenes "force sync" but like many I am looking for a button on the desktop or android version that I can "press now to sync" to force it sync without waiting for whatever it is waiting for? Is there something I should change to make this occur more often than 50 minutes or more. While I would like the pictures to be instantaneous I realize that might come with consequences like high PC usage but it does seem like 5-10 minutes is reasonable.