After replacing SD Card "Can't Open The Destination Folder"


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Resilio Sync used on Smartphone with Android 8.0.0.

Upgraded my SD Card.
After removing SD Card from my phone, i transferred files/folders, then put the new SD Card in place.

For the folder "Camera" from SD Card i have the message "Can't Open The Destination Folder".

In the picture you will find 4 folders:
Download - internal storage
Camera (peers: 1)  - internal storage
Camera ( the issue) - SD Card
Sync - SD Card (created after inserting new SD Card)

I've read "" and the solution is still needed.

Thank you,




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Same problem.   It's really annoying that it can't see the path to SD://Music just because the underlying path changed.  (/storage/79BB-DD13/ vs whatever random numbers it was before.) 

I disconnected and then scanned the QR code again, but now it says "Share's identifying .sync/ID is broken", so I delete that file, reboot, and now it seems to be working

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