If you run Sync as a service, you can manage it remotely across a LAN


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Not sure why I never thought of this before, but I don't recall seeing anyone else talk about it, or reading it in the documentation. Additionally, a Google search turned up nothing.

You can access Sync's Web UI running on any machine on your LAN by entering ThatMachinesIPaddress:8888/gui.

As a corollary to this: if you use Sync as a service do set a UI password, otherwise you run the risk of giving anyone (including malicious apps) access to your config and files, which is really bad.

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This is generally a firewall thing and outside the scope of the app developers themselves.  Most people behind a NAT router isn't going to have this problem.  On my public VPS running sync, I had to open the port to access it.  Home users will generally be put into a Home profile and public computers into the public profile. So by default, LAN users will be seen as friendly to the computer but not public ones.

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47 minutes ago, jdrch said:

I didn't mean it's a security risk. It's actually convenient because it means you can admin Sync from any device on the same LAN, which is neat. Plenty of other apps allow this: Pi-hole, UniFi Controller; your router, modem, and AP, etc.

Hmm. I guess it was just obvious since they had this for NAS'.  Search the forum for "webgui" and there's hits from 2013, 2014...



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