Locking the ".sync" folder (restrictive permissions)


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I had a situation where someone moved the invisible .sync folder at the top level of a synced folder. This caused major havoc as would be expected.

My question is: can I lock down this folder so it is only readable/writable by the "rslsync" user? Any consequences of that, other than a user not being able to browse into the Archive?

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I don't believe it would hurt anything, as long as rslsync is the account that Resilio is running under. Nothing else should ever need to see inside that folder. (I had to change mine to user mode for various reasons, so your proposed solution wouldn't work on my system. But, for a default install, I believe it would.)


EDIT: as for how, in case anyone is wondering, I'd use recursive CHOWN:  

sudo chown -R rslsync <path to .sync>


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added CHOWN :)
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