[BUG] "Can not download (#) files" info screen stuck, persistent, multiple platforms


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"Can not download (#) files" info screen stuck, persistent, multiple platforms


- Affects both Linux [Ubuntu v.18.10] and macOS [Mojave v.latest] clients

- Affects all folders for all issues

- Resilio v.2.6.3 (1340) (latest)



To start, I have some sort of sync issue that I need to troubleshoot.  (this happens every couple days, and is frustrating our team, but that's a different point for a different discussion).


In order to troubleshoot, I need to see what files are effected, so I first click on the notification: 1.png.bbefc11013e4aa7d2f426e1866ac1057.png


From there, I click on the error message ("cannot download (#) files") : 2.png.b09c703531bd3c88aa517199f5fbd292.png


Finally, what should show up as a list of conflicts, is just stuck on the loading screen:



Waiting several hours, restarting the service, disconnecting/reconnecting the folder, rebooting the machine, NOTHING seems to fix this.


Any help? :)

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When a file in a shared folder in Selective sync mode is created and then deleted/moved while Sync is paused/busy with another task/has no other peers online, it cannot be synced to the other peers. Local peer notices the presence of a new file and after deleting it creates a placeholder. Other peers become aware of existence of such a file later, hence the warning sign, but in reality it is a "ghost file" that no one has anymore.


Clicking on the warning one can see the filenames.


If the files don't exist anymore, you can press the Ignore All button to hide the warning. One can also disable this warning via power user preferences:


If the files exist, one should be careful - may be the more up-to-date version actually exists on a certain peer which is offline at the moment. If you are certain that local version of files is the most up-to-date, touch them or move them out of a shared folder to some temporary location and then move them back to the shared folder.

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