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Hi all

I was wondering if someone could explain exactly how predefined hosts work. I have a macbook that i would like to setup with my synology nas this way while im at home and away. When im away i will obviously be on a different network, im guessing some firewall rules would have to be setup on my home firewall to allow connections externally. What ports would be required to be opened for this? 

Does anyone use the predefined host setup? be interested to see your setups if you do and how you find it.

Kind regards



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I use predefined hosts on public static IP's,  and for static private to private IP's.  If the network will change often, its better just to use their tracker. The ports used are shown in the configuration.  On my home network, I have 1GBe for general devices and PC's, and a 10GBe network for higher bandwidth storage and network devices. Before using predefined hosts, I wouldn't necessarily see the traffic going over the 10GBe network, so using predefined hosts helped solve that.

Note, over the years and updates, I've often found these settings to go missing or changed back to defaults. So if you KNOW your hosts are operational but not seeing the peers, recheck your predefined hosts list is correct.

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