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Hi all

I wrote a mail to the support squad this morning, all I got was this sentence:


Thanks for taking the time to contact the Sync Team. Our Help Center and Forums offer additional resources that may help you out.

Since I am still in an evaluation phase, this kind of puzzled me. Was that really it, support wise?

Anyway, here I am now, looking for answers to my question. Allow me to quote it:



I'm thinking about moving everything from Dropbox to my Synology, with Resilio's Help. So far I'm really flashed by Resilio, great work!

I'd like to move my wife and my two son's to Resilio, too, so I'd need a family license. One thing is not really clear to me, please give me a hand.


- 4 Users on the Synology, all with a /home/<user>/ResilioSync folder (to keep the Dropbox feel)
- All users should be able to sync their stuff to their devices. I don't want to see their things as an admin.

How does that work? I mean, currently I have my identity on the synology connected to all my devices, that works fine But how would I achieve this for the other users?

Thanks in advance!


The most recent post to this topic is this one, which, ironically, says


Please do contact support team and they would provide you all steps. Please do not forget to mention that it is a forum topic.

I hope this is not going to be an endless loop, really.

Any helping hand very welcome. I have like 10 days left in my evaluation phase. That support thing was killing my buzz a bit ...




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I don't understand your problem by managing the files on the NAS for all users. As I understand you want to create one folder for each user: /home/<user>/ResilioSync 

So all you have to do is create this folder on each client, install Sync on each client, upgrade it with the license key and create an indivdual account for each user. In the end, you have four independent users, which share the same license but don't see each other. Then, each user has to create the share key and you add it to the sync installation on your NAS and link the folder to its correct path. That's it. That's done a single time and you won't have to touch it again. On your client you only see the shared folders of your account and don't see the folders of the others. On the NAS you see only the folders, which you added manually with the key. In theory, you don't need a license at all for this, if you don't use the pro features (Advanced Folder, Selective sync). It's like 4 independent Resilio Sync people use a fifth user (NAS) with which they share different kind of folders.


The alternative is to run Resilio Sync for each user, so each user has it's own Resilio Sync instance. If it's worth the trouble, I doubt it, especially, because in the end, you're the one who takes care of the NAS and you're the one who will have to fix it, if something is broken. So in the end, you also need to have access to the instances. It's just complicated.

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