Synch is stuck on pause and wont let me resume synching


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Synch starts with all folders with paused synching and despite right-clicking and selecting Resume Synching, it is stuck on pause. no green checkmark to show things have synched or anything.

all the other buttons in the menu work but the one that I need and is the whole point of the app doesnt.  I can't sync anything with it stuck on pause.  restarting both the app and my computer doesnt do anything.

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I have noticed that unpausing doesn't always work correctly and there is an issue when pausing a specific folder plus pausing the global setting. If I unpause a folder when the global setting is different as when pausing it, it will not continue. With other words, try to play with diffent combinations of global pause and local pause to get it going again.

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Old thread but found my solution on Windows 10.  The program icon in the system tray also had a paused indicator, and right clicking and "resume synching" corrected issue. Would be better if the UI would either tell you that its globally paused, or remove the system paused indicator when someone resumes any file share synch, 

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