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  1. Hi Vic, as I understand this is currently not possible, but many users have requested it, including me. Take a look at this feature request from 2013 and add your request there:
  2. I have received this update to 2.6.4 in the last few days and installed it today. That's why I thought the link here points to a brand new 2.7.1, I was too excited. And I agree with you, I'm also eager to get a new version for Android. This is what I see in Google Play and the screen from the app itself (attachments). So it was obviously released less than ten days ago and I think Google Play (or Resilio) might be slowly rolling it to all users so they don't all get it at once? There's not much new in the new app to see, but I hope there are bug fixes included. The "What's new"
  3. Hi Andy+, I know you're always trying to help, but your information is sometimes unreliable. If you look at the download links in this post, you'll see that there's even a link to Android app in Direct Download Links section, like this: Android: arm x86 (if not sure which cpu your device has, use arm) If you download that you will see that it's version I agree that the subject of the thread contains the word "Desktop", but it's a post about a new release with links to all versions. So I think my question fits in this thread just fine? (By the way, the
  4. When I try to install this version of Sync on Android, I get error "App not installed" with no further options or details. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Yes, it happens on Win10. I have attached mini dumps to the ticket. Since I have already removed 2.7.0 I can't create Core dump. I will try to install 2.7.0 again later and gather core dumps for your analysis. Regarding the port mapping - I have no idea what that is, I just noticed that seem to be one of the last lines in log files before the app crashes. Maybe it's unrelated or not important.
  6. After the update Sync crashes on startup without a message and creates a dump. One of the last items in error log after crash (or the last one, depends) is: [2020-05-09 23:46:49.792] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. How do I go back to 2.6.4? Update: I have now reinstalled 2.6.4 and it works fine.
  7. I have noticed that unpausing doesn't always work correctly and there is an issue when pausing a specific folder plus pausing the global setting. If I unpause a folder when the global setting is different as when pausing it, it will not continue. With other words, try to play with diffent combinations of global pause and local pause to get it going again.
  8. Hi willjasen, that's great, thanks for sharing! I have a question, what did you mean by this sentence: As I understood, the files are saved to Amazon cloud, so why would it make a problem if the EC2 is rebooted? Also, were you able to estimate the costs of EC2, S3, and data transfer for running Resilio Sync and rainstash on it?
  9. Use selective sync. It will only sync files that you have selected on the phone, but the rest will be available on other machines, if you will need them. You can sync to SD card just like other folders, nothing special needed. When setting up a sync, select a folder on the SD card.
  10. Note that besides pausing each folder you can pause the whole program. You can do that in the context menu if you right click the Sync icon in the Windows taskbar.
  11. Hi again, so this is what I have done. 1) I have created an encrypted folder on the computer. 2) I have added this folder in rw way to the phone storage folder where the photos are. 3) I have added this folder in encrypted way to the public server that is always online. So far it works for me. However, it's not perfect, because it's not really a backup, but both way sync. That means I can't delete (or move) photos from the computer and still keep them on the phone, which kind of sucks in the long term. A possible solution for deleting (moving) photos from the comp
  12. I have just tried it with the second phone. This phone has no internet access. I have created a hotspot on it and connected both the first phone and the computer. When both were connected, Resilio started syncing right away. Frank Maier, thanks for the solution!
  13. Hi Frank Maier, thanks for your explanation. That could be the reason why it's not working the way eltopo described it. However, is it really true that the phone doesn't make a network? I have used another software to sync files in this way: 1) the software on the phone creates a hotspot, 2) the software on the phone sets up a web server and offers selected files on it, 3) the browser on the computer connects to the hotspot on the phone, 4) the browser on the computer connects to a local IP address and downloads the files. So would it be a solution to use another phone for cr