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  1. @Timbo, do you think Resillio will pull the plug and kill Sync? I've seen the mention of Sync being abandoned on other parts of this forum too. I'm worried and there's no reassurance from the company.
  2. I was also looking to find a provider for this purpose. I have found some, but they are quite expensive. https://www.feralhosting.com/wiki/software/resilio_sync There are also some articles of using Amazon cloud, but I have never tried. Have you found any other provider?
  3. Hi Helen, thank you. I have removed some files on the device where the message was displayed and the message is gone. Unfortunately that means I can't make a screenshot any more. I think the warning was in the Peer list window.
  4. I have received this warning message in the app: "Running out of free space in storage location" Since I have low space in my device and also on the device I'm syncing to, I'm not sure what the message means. Is it referring to source device (where the message is displayed) or to target devices? Better wording would be more appropriate for better understanding, or even further info which device, drive and/or folder are running out of free space.
  5. Hi, I sent the dumps over the app crashbox several times. I have send the logs right now, too. I hope it helps.
  6. Hi, I'm experiencing higher than usual number of crashes of Resilio Sync with this RC 1312. I'm prompted to submit the crash dump to developers and after Resilo Sync restarts, the crash might occur again. This does not happen always, just sometimes. [Window Title] Resilio Sync [Main Instruction] Resilio Sync has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as: [Content] C:\Users\___\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\33947648-sync.aead.dmp. How would you like to proceed? [Just relaunch the application] [Submit this dump to the developers] [Don't relaunch the application or send a crash dump]
  7. +1, I could also use this feature. I have limited space on my laptop, so I'd like to put photos in a synced folder, let Sync do it's job, then delete the files from the laptop but keep them synced on other machines. When I was looking for this feature I imagined it as a "wormhole folder". Put some files in the folder, let them go through, keep them on the other side but delete them here. I guess this request thread is similar to my wish with one difference: let people do deleting themselves instead of automatic. Still acceptable for me.
  8. Oh, thank you @ellw and @Moe! I completely forgot about the icon in the taskbar. Found it and I can Pause again, thanks!
  9. Hi, after I upgraded to 2.5,3 is see that the Settings page has been redesigned. It's more more intuitive now, but I'm missing a feature. Before there was a "Pause all" option in the Settings dropdown menu. Now there is no dropdown menu, but also this feature seems to be gone. Am I missing something or did you remove the feature to pause all activity? If so, is there any workaround available? Thank you!
  10. Great, I'm glad you came to the same conclusions. Thanks for your feedback!
  11. Are you sure it actually wants to transfer the files? Maybe it's just indexing them to check if they're the same or not. Usually that happens when you add a new folder and Sync has to insure that every byte is the same. This looks like transferring but it's actually just building database and hashes. It looks the same from the UI perspective, but there's not much network traffic.
  12. In my experience on large files and slow connections, there was no need to start over. When the connection is back, Sync always picks up where it ended. Please not that in the UI (on Windows) it looks like it's starting over (actually it is starting over, but only for the bytes that were left unsynced) - the progress circle in the Status column always starts at 0% after interruption. But if you hover mouse over it you will see the details and the remaining time getting shorter every time the progress continues. Try it out yourself, I think you'll be satisfied with the results -- but probably not with the info you get from the UI, because it's not telling everything. You can also try it on a good connection, using "Pause" and "Resume" - the behaviour is the same, it always gets back to 0% but continues to sync from where it left.
  13. Is there a specific reason for this?