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  1. Thanks @Miyo, @Timbo, @drego85 for your suggestions but I don't want to deal with managing my own VPS server. I'm looking for a provider (there were several in the past) that offers a fully configured Resilio Sync platform and all you had to do is enter the encrypted RO link and you were done.
  2. The post about the latest build is always pinned. Currently at #1. However, based on the extremely low build and forum activity, I have a feeling that Resilio Sync is seeing a slow death like so many other sync apps in the past. I don't know why but I assume economical reasons. Sad!
  3. A few years back, several cloud backup providers started to offer Resilio (back then BitTorrent Sync) backup server services. It was really simple, all you had to do is configure the encrypted RO folder and done. I understand that I can setup a personal backup by having a friend hosting my Resilio folders on their machine but if that's not an option, does anyone know about a cloud service provider offering Resilio backup services?
  4. I got an update notice for version Looks like it workes fine.
  5. I just downloaded the latest version 2.4.4 via "Check for Updates". Does anyone have a changelog?
  6. @iswrong Thanks for your reply. That's the answer I was expecting, but hoping for another solution. I used Boxcryptor in the past but it's another step I try to avoid. I'm currently using MEGA and trusting them with the encryption but with a constant uneasy feeling because it's out of my control. I also used cloud services that are running BTSync with the encrypted R/O key but all the low cost ones went out of business and the ones still around are too costly for our small volume of active on-site backup data (<20GB). This is really the most elegant solution.
  7. Hi I wanted to setup an encrypted folder inside a cloud service such as OneDrive or Dropbox but it's not working as anticipated. This is what I did: - Created a new encrypted folder from within BTSync (2.3.1), located inside my local OneDrive Folder that is synched to the cloud - Added a few sample files - I expected to have unencrypted access from my desktop pc but having the folder encrypted in the cloud - Accessed my OneDrive folder in the cloud from my laptop (via Web Browser) - Files are accessible unencrypted Looks like since OneDrive has unencrypted R/W access on my PC, it transfers all files within the folder unencrypted. Any suggestions how to setup such an encrypted backup folder inside a cloud service? Thanks!
  8. Thanks ricklahaye for the logfile clarification. Does anybody have an answer or experienced the same problem with BTSync crashing?
  9. Hi I have BTSync 1.3.109 running on 3 Windows 7 PC's. The one PC's that experiences the crashes also syncs with the BTSync Cloud Service (Encrypted RO), the other ones don't and have no crashes. Everything worked smooth until this morning. All of a sudden BTSync 1.3.109 on Win 7 x32 crashes every time after running for about 60 seconds. No updates were mode on this PC recently. What I did to troubleshoot: - Enabled BTSync Debug Logging, however debug.txt is always empty (FFFF), nothing gets written to it. - Rebooted PC - BTSync still crashing - Re-Installed BTSync 1.3.109 - still crashing - Checked sync.log and noticed that SyncNode cloud service is running 1.4.75 (I don't know when they updated) - I removed the synced folder with SyncNode and BTSync on my PC stopped crashing So it looks like the SyncNode cloud service is able to crash BTSync on my PC and BTSync is not even recording anything in the log file. Could it be that V1.3.109 is not compatible with SyncNode running 1.4.75? By the way I decided to stick to V1.3.109 for now until the many issues users are reporting with 1.4.xx are fixed. Any help and/or thoughts are very appreciated.
  10. @ BigCookie Yes, you can. All your settings (including secrets) are retained.
  11. @dms2013 Thanks for your research. By the way I did not enter real contact data but a virtual email address just to check them out. I'm only interested in encrypted cloud storage for emergency backups anyway.
  12. I came across a website that looks like an official BitTorrent Sync website offering 100GB BTS cloud storage for $9.99. Here is the link: [link removed] However entering my contact data does not work. Does anyone know if this site is in any way connected to the official BitTorrent organization and did anyone have success in signing up? Thanks
  13. Hi I noticed that you have 2 different 1.3.106 (Windows) versions available for download. The first one is from the link in this post: - This one is 3,020,136 bytes (3,022,848 on disk) - file version 1.3.106 However if I download the latest stable version from your stable DL link: - This one is 3,023,976 bytes (3,026,944 on disk) - file version 1.3.106 Which is the final one and what's the difference? BTW, I noticed the same issue with 1.3.105.