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HI. After many years of faithful service it seems my trusty old dlink dns320L has finally bitten the bullet and died. so I'm looking at replacement products.

got my eye on a synology 216 or 218 i believe it is.. does anyone have any experience with these or any similar products and resilio.

one of the things im looking for is something a bit easier to set up than my old 320l was. which is one reason i was looking at synology it seems its pretty much just a case of click and install in its DSM software. 

so any advice, suggestions, experience or recommendations are appreciated.


Thanks :)

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Neither of them will properly work with Resilio Sync.

The two main ready to use NAS suppliers, which deliver fast and versatile NAS are Synology and QNAP. QNAP tends to offer NAS with more powerful hardware, to connect it to a TV and use it as a multimedia station. Synology tends to offer products which resemble more with a server.

Both of them offer low cost products, like the 216 or 218. They have A low power ARM processors, which are specialized. This means: They are slow as general purpose processor, but optimized for specific use cases, like network. So a NAS with a ARM processor is mainly a fast NAS, not more not less.

Both Synology and QNAP also offer higher priced versions using x86 processors from Intel or AMD. They are faster in general and more versatile. Such NAS support virtualization, so you could install additional operating systems on them. They also support more apps.

The biggest advantage in your case is, you can upgrade the RAM in these NAS. Resilio Sync needs both a fast CPU and lots of RAM (depending on how many files you have, +8GB is ideal). Both the 216 or 218 have way too few RAM. Resilio Sync will struggle or fail at all.

So my advice:

Buy a Synology or QNAP. Select one with an Intel or AMD CPU (in the low cost region only Intel versions are available) and try to upgrade the RAM to at least 8GB.

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