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I am using Sync Home Pro.   Sychronization of the whole contents of a folder works fine, but I don't see how can I configure it when I only want to sync a single file in a folder that contains many files.  I expected that selective sync would allow me to do so, but I don't understant how to achive it.

I have searched Resilio's site and I can't find a clear explanation of how to do it.  I am talking about file sync, not file sharing.

Is it possible to sync a single file in a folder?  How?

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Hello, i totally second this, as i cannot find a way to sync a single file using sync home ... file sharing is not an option at all, i am trying to sync my firefox session between different

computers, and would like to sync a particular file each time it is edited or recreated !

Or may be there is an option in the ignorelist that allow to ignore all files and folders except the ones specified ? (kind of "include list" instead of ignore ?)


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Whitelisting Files And Folders

Whitelisting works in a similar manner as ignoring, although you need to comply with one simple rule: whitelist rules must start with ! symbol (no quotes). Whitelist rules are always of higher priority than exclude rules, so their position in the list does not matter.

You can use global IgnoreList in Profile to force agents to sync entires that are ignored by default IgnoreList. For example, default IgnoreList on each agent has entry ~* meaning that agents won’t sync items starting with a tilde. Edit global IgnoreList in Profile and add line !~* , all agents will start syncing new items starting with tilde. However, those that are already ignored, will stay ignored and not synced. To fix that you’ll need to recreate the job.

To create pure whitelist, the first (ignore) filter should be all files * followed by a number of whitelist filters starting with !. For example, the whitelist allowing only synchronization of PDF files should look like:

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