Goodbye BTSync / Resilio Sync


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I am one of the old users and have patiently waited for a mature product with proactive bug fixing.  I have given up. I am migrating my stuff over to Syncthing. I'll check in from time to time, and if I see a product that finally is stable enough to use I will consider coming back. Today however I just cannot continue to try to use something that still has ghosts in it.

I wish you the very best, and I continue to be a big fan of bittorrent based products and services.

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This is an issue for some, including me. And I've already seen some users in the Syncthing forum who have already been here. At the moment I still use both software in parallel, so that I can switch completely at the crucial moment. Syncthing is already very good with the current version 1.4.2, comes very close to Resilio in terms of performance and speed, so that a choice almost becomes a question of taste.

How Resilio squandered his lead in this way is remarkable and I'm sure Syncthing will overtake Resilio sooner or later. It is already the case with the features and flexibility.

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