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See and which is great and has its uses.


However it also means that if Camera is backed up and I delete a file it will remain on the other host(s). I want a simple share where if I delete the android file it is also deleted on the host. I have not found this functionality on the android client. The only way I could get this to "work" would be as follows; for example for "Camera":

  1. create a folder on the host to share
  2. copy all android photos from my mobile phone to the host
  3. enter the host's sharing link in android and change the location to the default Camera folder
  4. start sync. Now if an image is deleted from android it's deleted from everywhere and if an image is deleted from the host it's deleted on android


This sounds a bit cumbersome and would make a lot more sense to start out from the android client. E.g. "Create share" (only share file exists now). Am I missing something and if not why is this feature missing?

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It can also be done more conventionally. Instead of the camera "tool" I use a normal peer between the standard folder on the smartphone and a folder on a host. Files are excluded via the ignore list, this list can be saved beforehand. Then only the files that you actually want are stored on the host.

I also do not use the standard camera "tool", because sometimes I delete pictures again if they have become blurred or are simply nothing, etc.

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