Ignore List - a couple quality of life improvements

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It would be great if there were a couple of small improvements with Ignore List which would make users' lives much easier:

1. Allow editing a share's ignore list from within the app itself. It would be so much easier to have this functionality in the app, alongside other options for managing shares, rather than having to go to a share's .sync folder to edit the IgnoreList file manually.

2. Allow editing the default Ignore List somewhere in Preferences (I guess Preferences -> Advanced would be best). It would save us having to batch-edit shares just to make a few key changes that we want across all shares on a system.

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Seems a few of these features are already a part of Resilio Connect:


It would be great if these features made their way to Sync. Editing IgnoreList in the Sync app and "do not ignore" functionality are sorely missing from Sync and would be super useful to Sync users who don't need all the extra features of Connect.


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