Periodic connections to by Resilio Desktop Client


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Dear Resilio Team, today looking at the macOS Resilio Client network traffic I found that client doing periodically (once in a 30 mins or so) requests to, which is:


Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing working group. It was formally established on July 17, 2003 by five of the biggest computer and CE companies in China, Lenovo, TCL, Konka, Hisense and Great Wall. Lenovo acts as the chair company of the working group. A unique characteristic to note is that unlike other international standardization groups, only government authorized standard organization is allowed to define standard specification in China. In this case, Ministry of Information Industry of China is the governing body of IGRS...

Could you please clarify what is the purpose of those connections?
If this question was already asked I sincerely apologies but I was not able to find any info using Forum Search.

By quick search I found that there is some "Intelligent Grouping & Resource Sharing protocol" that you can potentially utilize but still not sure about those periodic checks.

Thank you!


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Hey, sorry missed all the notifications.

So that is really strange since it looks like the types of connection that I see here and there appearing in Little Snitch related to Resilio has something to do with what stored in folders rather than with Resilio itself.
Like I see sometimes connections to `` and I have about 200G different PDFs from Arxiv and so on. Maybe it is Little Snitch issue after all, like something that got executed/previewed from Resilio Folder get associated with Resilio executable or something.

Other than that, nothing in particular. Still observing and researching.

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