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  1. Hi. So I've been playing with little snitch for more than an hour and I don't see that behaviour. I don't want to guess why the difference. Maybe a local relay server? It'd be nice if someone actually answered that.
  2. It seems like allthe files are in .git repo folders. Or at least most of them. This isn't on the IgnoreList...
  3. I think this is what's happening to me now. All files stuck are in .git folders. Did you find a way out? Thanks.
  4. hi. my sync got stuck between two linux boxes and I *think* it happened in the recent version. it was hard to spot because the UI shows folders are in sync, but if you get to details it's holding thousands of files from uploading. the repeating message in the log file is: [20201102 08:35:48.672] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1604277105 -1 [20201102 08:35:48.672] MC[7AC2:1D16] [ADA3]: bad 'files' message before i turn debugging on... anyone seen it? any way out? thanks.
  5. If you read through the forum you will notice certain cases and some of them are detailed. I witnessed two. One was disk / filesystem corruption on one node that propagated across all, wiping files inside folders (no, nothing was archived). The other one was about renaming folders while being synced. Certain scenario resulted in files deleted and moved to the archive, but w/o any notice. So after the max time passed, they would be purged. I got that escalated, analysed by the team and rejected, as "it can't be fixed". And with all my respect for this great product that keep using, this is not the answer I was expecting. Edit: but funny enough, for me the android app is flawless and never freezes. So go figure...
  6. I am on the edge tbh. I lost files too many times with resilio (permanently or deleted to Archive w/o any notice) to sleep well. On the other hand file placeholders work great. I need them and syncthing has nothing like this on their roadmap. Maybe Cryptomator and a public cloud...
  7. I was getting a blank screen on FF too, then it was stuck forever on the progress bar and "initializing" message. The log told me some rechecks were triggered after the backup and they took some time. So it may be the reason why the blank screen appeared. RPi 3.
  8. OK... Just turned one malfunctioning node off an on again and it came back. Go figure...
  9. Just got a message that one of folders I share between own devices was "disconnected by the owner". I am the sole owner and I didn't do anything between now and last night. The folder stays connected on 2 devices (mobile + laptop), while it's disconnected on 2 other devices. Any clue? Getting paranoid a bit.
  10. Just found resilio deleting my files while it shouldn't, fortunately to the archive. Not sure if this is RC related, but since it occurred there, I'm posting it here. I can't provide logs, so steps to reproduce are below. Two nodes in this setup, both on RC version. One (A) is rpi, the 2nd (B) is mac The sync is basically A -> B. The scope is a SUBFOLDER, let's say with 10 files, 100MB each. Copy SUBFOLDER to resilio shared folder on A. The sync starts from A to B. When ca. 5 out of 10 files are synced, rename SUBFOLDER to SUBFOLDER2 on B. In my case the sync stops. SUBFOLDER is renamed to SUBFOLDER2 on both nodes, but it has only 5 files synced. The other 5 are in Archive on A, in SUBFOLDER. This is not the action I'd expect. I haven't deleted anything. I understand why it happened, but if rename comes before the sync is completed, put it at the end of a queue. Or prohibit renaming while sync's progress.
  11. Latest stable (with the latest security patch). The OS didn't matter. Same for Win, macOS and Debian.
  12. hi. testing one of my clients on the RC and looks good; however I noticed one power property not migrated. Lan broadcasting was taking down my router for some reason, so I had this disabled. In the new version I see the setting enabled by default again. So either it didn;t get migrated well or there's a reason to keep it enabled. Anyway, I'm turning it off.