Small File Synching still slow

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Hello there, I only found some really old thread on this (2014 )

It seems Resilio in 2021 is still synching slow if there is a  lot of small files. i.e. in my Example i am trying to sync a photolibary. Adding a few hundred files is without trouble...

But now adding the complete Library to a new device means Transferring 250 GiB/ 50K files at and average Speed of 500kb/s. Means I will have to let the laptop and PC on for multiple weeks during daytime!


It appears that Resilio is sending files sequentially. And basically no matter how fast sequential sending of small files is. Any protocol will incure you an overhead of 2-3 RTTs. So this will  always have the RTT of the protocol in the network and disc access as hindrance no matter my AC WLAN or disc speed. So only way to speed up would be to allow multiple such small files to be transferred in parallel (simple and works kind of okayish) or  that the software zips them together and transfers them as one big batchfile (more performance, but harder to implement).

Would be nice if Resilio could improve this! Or if this is already present and I fail to find the setting for it.. please point it out to me!

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