Source keeps adding files that are already sync'd


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Hello all,

I've this odd problem with my Soure repeatedly stating it is adding files for sync in the History tab but in fact these files have alrady been successfully sync'd to the remote destination.

When the Destination has sync'd the data first time round I see no other mention that it needs to or will sync again on that box.

I mainly sync'd Japanese TV media for backup purposes so some of the files will have Japanese characters in the filename but so does alot more media that is not constantly flagged for syncing.

I've checked the folder/file perms and they are the same as other data that has sync'd.  Tried moving the data to another Source folder and deleting the Destination copy but after the initial sycn is till being flagged for Sync again.

Additionally the data is not been changed in anyway on the Source, the file name/structure is not too long (much shorter than other sync'd data)

Just to reiterate, although the Source flags the data as Added (needs to sync) no sync actually takes place as the Destination is already sync'd.  Both my Source and Destination are Win 10x64 machines.

Any ideas?



EDIT:  OK so I discovered something.  My media is stored on PC1, I use a robocopy script to mirror my data to PC2 (Resilio Source).  Resilio fires up and indexes the data to sync to the Destination. (as above).  Resilio is changing the data on PC2 somehow that when the Robocopy script runs again the next day, robocopy detects changed data and re-mirrors the data from PC1 (which is not touched by Resilio) to PC2 (Resilio Source) which means it overwrites the data in PC2 and then Resilio reindexes it again.  It like a vicous circle.

I cannot understand though why this is happening with a small subset of data that is mirrored from PC1 to PC2 (Resilio Source) with robocopy that is nealy 10TB  in total and then Resilio is marking/changing some data that is causing the mirror, index loop!

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