Reconnecting Camera backup after fresh OS install when stored on external drive


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My Mac recently screwed up when updating, so had to do complete fresh install. I guess I'm confused at how to deal with moving to a new computer and keeping sync live when the sync folder is stored on an external drive. 

I had multiple iPhone use resilio sync to do camera roll backup.

Photos were synced to an external drive which means I still have all the old files that were backed up before the fresh install. However, with the fresh install, it means my resiliio client on the Mac is empty. How do I go about reconnecting the iPhone for camera backup. 

I used the share link sent from the sync app on the phone. But I'm worried about the message "destination folder is not empty" warning. Don't want to be deleting any already backed up photos. Can someone clarify what happens if I "connect anyway" and I've deleted some of the older photos already from the phone.

Thanks all

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