Noob trying to wrap my head around selective sync

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I've been using Resilio Sync free version several years, and other than it being a huge memory consumer, I've been happy with it.

I use RS to sync a folder of user settings for Capture One, a photo editing tool.

This folder sharing has worked well until a recent software upgrade.

C1 configures itself in a particular way dependent on the video card. The two machines having different video card force C1 to re-install the video card setup.

What I would like to do is exclude one folder in this setup folder tree from synchronization.

I upgraded to RS Pro in order to be able to do this.

I've done some spelunking around and maybe I've not had enough coffee yet, I can't for the life of me see a way to do this.

Any suggestions?



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You need to use IgnoreList , it's available with Free version as well. 

As for the memory - sync needs around 2 Kb per entry. Entry - is each file and each subfolder level in its path. Sync keeps this all in RAM. Check Sync's storage and see the size of .db files (database) there - the sum of their sizes will give the RAM consumption. Sync also keeps deleted files in database - i mean the files that once were present in sync shar but were removed after. So the bigger folder tree is, the more files are generated/deleted , the more RAM will be required,
Also see here 

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Thank you.

I'll look at the exclude list.

The memory issue has been stated numerous times. I've got an old Dell XPS 13 laptop with 8 gb of memory, which can't be expanded, that I cannot run Resilio Sync as a service on because it consumes over half of the available memory. All my other machine are ok as they have 16 gb or more.

My sync list isn't going to change, so the only way to effectively manage this is to run RS on demand if you will, and then killing it when I'm done.

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